Fibrescan is a simple and reliable system for removal of colour PP contaminants in cotton Blowroom lines.
Multiple miniature camera array sensors interlaced with advanced technology are at the core of FibreScan.

  • DIPT (Digital Image Processing Technology)
  • PMAC (Pixel Mapping Across Camera sensors )
DIPT, PMAC in combination enhance the effectiveness
of the equipment and provide the best efficiency among this
technology machines in the world.


    • Better visibility.
    • Closer the distance from the opening unit ,small cotton tufts,evenly spread and ensure no
      contamination can be hide behind the cotton.
    • Improvement in uv lighting
      Camera detection in alternate position
    • Minimum space requirement
      Designed in the way without inlet and outlet delivery ducts
    • Compact machine
      Low maintenance and user friendly operating with highest efficiency
Fibrescan system for removal of colour PP contaminants
Fibrescan is a simple and reliable system for removal of colour PP contaminants

Technical Specifications 

DescriptionFibreScan Sapphire
Sensing Technology
Multiple Tech with Daylight Camera Array Sensing
ProcessingEmbedded Controller with
DIPT – Digital Image Processing Technology
PMAC – Pixel Mapping Across Camera Sensor Array
Type and No of CamerasMultiple Camera Array Sensors – 32 Nos MonoChrome
Daylight Camera Array Sensor
Resolution2048 * 1 with  128 Pixels for  Each Camera
Camera Scanning Speed (LPS)upto 12000 LPS for Camera Sensor Array
Production Capacity800 Kgs /Hour
Throughput Duct size1040 * 100 mm
Size of Machine1250 x 500 mm Height will vary depends upon the
blowroom layout
No of Ejection Value26 Nos
Ejection Waste %Below 0.3 % – 0.5 % Maximum 30 Ejection / Min
Sensitivity settingOn Area, Vertical, Horizontal Sizes & Size Wise Color selection Settings
DiagnosticsCamera Sensor, Ejection Valve, Lighting Hours, Intensity and – colour Performance graphs
Display FeaturesComprehensive for Camera Array Sensor
Tube Light Nos and Wattage8 Nos (4*2 – 54 Watts) fluorescent day light
Control SystemDedicated Embedded controller
Operator InterfaceHMI and Console on Mc
Power consumption1 Kw + Fan
Power415 Volts 3 Phase 50 Hz
Ejected material CollectionAEMCH – Applied Ejected Material Collection Hanger – Optional
Booster Fan for Ejected MaterialBooster Fan based on Feed Machine Specs
Ejected Cotton Grams/ Ejection0.5 Grams / Ejection after Fine Cleaner
0.9 Grams / Ejection after coarse Cleaner
Booster Fan for Ejected MaterialBooster Fan based on Feed Mc Specs
Compressed Air Requirements3 CFM based on 40 Ejection/Min @ 6.5 Bar