ProWin LNX is a powerful Spinning Production, Power and RH Management Tool for departments ranging from Blow Room to Ring Spinning Looms. It offers flexible solutions to typical Production management problems. An impressive number of more than 300 Installations of ProWin LNX verifies this.ProWin LNX acts as a front end to a back process deploying state-of-art PLC’s and communication tools to realize networked production management system. ProWin LNX is build around industry standard PLC control electronics and interfaces making it the most reliable Networked Monitoring System in the world for this application. Open Architecture of ProWin LNX is the further evident in the wide range of Machinery and Flexibility in configuring fault inputs. 


  • Accurate timely availability of Data helps enforce standards on Productivity & Down time’s.
  • Eases production accounting and minimizes manual efforts to maintain records.
  • Speed control on Ring Frames improves production while maintaining end breaks
  • Power Monitoring helps track & Control UKG, Variations in UKG between Machines.
  • Corporate MIS needs Compressor and Humidification Plants can be managed effectively
    by close monitoring made possible. 

Technical Specifications

System Information
ProWin LNX Server Embedded Industrial Computer.
Network And Clients Browser Clients.
Control Electronics Simatic programmable PLC with Industrial Ethernet.
Interfaces Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, RS232, RS485
HMI 5.7 inch Touch Panel WinCE terminals.
Data Specifications
Database Supported MS Access /MSQL Express / MSQL Server
Storage Time Frames Can go upto 36 months based on Database choice.
Storage Time Frames Upto 4 Shifts.
ProwinLnx offers flexible solutions to typical Production management problems