Prowin 2000 LM is a powerful production Management tool for Textile Weaving mills. Textile mills are faced with increasing competitive pressures and challenges. To Operate in this situation calls for sophisticated systems to monitor and manage the production processes efficiently. Prowin 2000 LM is an answer to this need.


    • Get error free production and stoppage data automatically from the Looms.
    • Manage Beam changes easily as systems predicts when they will run out on each Loom.
    • Monitor online the running status of all the looms.
    • Very low clean cotton ejections typically 0.5% for 40 Ejections / Minute.
    • Keep production records accurately without much staff time.
    • Analyse current and long term performance data and take decisions.
    • Minimise downtimes by knowing about loom stoppages immediately Control Warp, Weft and other faults with online data.

Technical Specifications

System Information
ProLooms Server Industrial Computer on Windows / Linux / Mac
Network and Clients Clients based Computers on Browser
Control Electronics Simatic programmable PLC with Industrial Ethernet Applied AIO Nodes Each Machine with Wireless
Interfaces Profibus, Ethernet, Applied Wireless Communication
Looms All makes & models
Data Specifictions
Database Supported MySQL Express / PostgreSQL
Storage Time Frame Can go upto 36 months based on Database choice
Shift Schedule Upto 4 Shifts