SBPR Tester facilitates the implementation of a STM (Standard Test Method) for resistance of materials used in Protective Clothing to Penetration by Synthetic Blood. This STM developed by ASTM/ISO helps assess the effectiveness of materials used in protective clothing for protecting the wearer against contact from body fluids that potentially contain blood borne pathogens.
This test method is normally used to evaluate specimens from individual finished items including gloves, arm shields aprons, gowns coveralls, hoods and boots and individual samples of materials that are used as material for protective clothing.


  • Touch key operation for selection of test standards and classifications
  • Programmable Controller based operation for precision timings as per STM
  • Two stage Precision air pressure controls for graded pressurisation of Test-Cell
  • Each Independent Test-Cell can test simultaneously different Standards
  • High precision sensors with desired accuracy to
    achieve the STM parameters
  • Test-Cell with Slide-in-Slide-out easy mount options
  • Test-Cell quick release coupling and Hose for trouble free operation
  • SITRA Performance Validation certification for the Tester


  • Apart from all the above tests future test standards upgrade possible
  • Test Fail recording on touch screen to record timing of failure with time stamp
  • Test-CELL and spill handling tray Material of Construction SS 3304
  • PLC/Micro Control with Touch Screen Display for menu driven
    operations including SCADA Monitoring and Iot functionality
  • Provision for ease of calibration of the equipment through a menu option


  • Rugged structure capable of several simultaneously test for long hours
  • 3 Years warranty for the components as an option
  • High precision valves with SS piping for long years of operation

SBPR – 3 Tester Schematic
1 FRC Filter Regulator
2 NRV Non Return Valve
3 PT1, PT3, PT5 Reservoir Tank Pressure Transmitter
4 T1, T2, T3 Air Reservoir Tank
5 EV1, EV5, EV9 Reservoir Inlet Solenoid Valve
6 EV4, EV8, EV12 Reservoir Drain/Exhaust Solenoid Valve
7 EV2, EV6, EV10 Test Cell Feed Solenoid Valve
8 EV3, EV7, EV11 Test Cell Drain/Exhaust Solenoid Valve
9 PT2, PT4, PT6 Test Cell Pressure Transmitter
10 CP Calibration Port
11 TC1, TC2, TC3 Test Cell
12 LCP Local Control Panel

Technical Specifications  

SL NO Particulars SBPRT-3 SBPRT-1
1 Testing Standards
ASTM ASTM 1670 ASTM 1670
ISO ISO 16603:2004 ISO 16603:2004
IS IS 16546:2016 IS 16546:2016
2 Air Supply Inlet Air Supply minimum 2 Bar Inlet Air Supply minimum 2 Bar
3 Power Supply 220V single Phase, 250 Watts 220V single Phase, 250 Watts
4 Test Cell
No of test Heads 3 Designed as per ASTM F-903, ISO 13994 1 Designed as per ASTM F-903, ISO 13994
Mounting Easy Slide -in Slide-Out & Lock Easy Slide -in Slide-Out & Lock
Material SS 304 SS 304
Standards As per ASTM F903 As per ASTM F903
Gaskets As per Standard As per Standard
Retaining Mesh Nylon Nylon
Lighting for Viewing 3 Nos Once for each Cell 1 Nos Once for each Cell
Valves Ball Valve SS Ball Valve SS
Pressurising Port SS 304 Quick release SS 304 Quick release
Pressurising hose Flexible Hose with QR End Connector Flexible Hose with QR End Connector
Fixing Torque 13.6 Nm 13.6 Nm
5 Control System
Electronics PLC Controller Micro Controller
Display 7 inch Touch screen 4.3 Inch Touch Screen
Pressure Sensor For Test Cell Acccuracy 0.5 Kpa Acccuracy 0.5 Kpa
Valves High Response Pneumatic High Response Pneumatic
STM Operation Simultaneously different STM on Each Test-Cell -NA-
Menu Options Scada display for Test Monitoring Scada display for Test Monitoring
Operating Mode Operating Mode
Engineer Mode for Custom settings Engineer Mode for Custom settings
Mode for Calibration of time & pressure Mode for Calibration of time & pressure
6 Equipment Dimension & Weight
Dimension & Weight 800 x 400 x 1100 mm, 75 Kg 350 x 300 x 1100 mm, 40 Kg
Packed Dimension 900x 500 x 1200 mm, 85 Kg 450 x 400 x 1200 mm, 45 Kg
7 Accessories (Optional)
Torque Wrench 1-20 Nm configurable 1-20 Nm configurable
Spare Gaskets 12 Nos 4 Nos
Spare Test Heads 3 Test-Cell with Stand 1 Test-Cell
Floor Mount Tested Stand Yes No – only Table Mount Option
Air Compressor 25 PSI Diaphram Compressor 25 PSI Diaphram Compressor