Cascade is a product of Applied 1990. Since then it has estabilshed itself as a de-facto standard for wrapping produce in spinning mills. It is implemented in over 700 mills today.
Cascade is a comprehensive Wrapping procedure for spinning mills from Applied. Cascade goes beyond mere statistical computations to provide for a complete system for wrapping analysis. Cascade offers comprehensive wrapping tests from Blowroom to Winding.
Cascade can be easily operated because of its user friendly system interface and auto start – return of Lea Strength testing.


Stretch  700 M  -Compact Table Top Electronic Lea Tester
  • Compact Table Top Model – Small Footprint
  • Electrically Operated
  • Auto return after Lea breakage
  • Computerised operator interface for ease of use
  • Perfectly Compatible with Cascade System
  • Dual Load for Higher Accuracy

CasLnx Cascade Windows software for wrapping

  • Cascade – CasLNX  software ubuntu OS
  • Interface to our balances through Ethernet
  • Interface to stretch 700M / Ethernet
  • Provide comprehensive reports , RH correction, wheel change advice, A% report, cumulative long term critical data like long term CV, process capability reports 7
Cascade is a comprehensive Wrapping procedure for spinning mills

Technical Specifications

FibreCotton, Synthetic, Worsted Yarn
MaterialSliver, Roving, Yarn
Count UnitNe, Tex, Dtex, Ktex, Denier, NM, Nf
Regular WrappingAll DepartmentsCount, Count CV%, RH Correction for Count, Min & Max Range, Q95 Limits
Draw Frame, Ring FrameWheel Change Advice, A% reports
Ring FrameStrength, Strength CV%, RH and Count Correction, CSP, CCSP Min & Max Range for Strength, Coefficient of Correction between Count & Strength
Lap tp Lap CV%BlowroomLap Weight, Lap – Lap CV%
Waste ExtractionComberM/c / Delivery wise Waste extraction, %, Deviation from Standard, Range and CV%
Stretch TestSpeed FrameSpeed Frame Full / Empty Bobbin Front & Black row Average & CV%, Overall Average & CV%
Within – Between Bobbin for CountSpeed Frame, Ring FrameWithin Bobbin CV%, Between Bobbin CV%, Overall CV%, F-Ratio, Mean Sum of Squares
Within – Between Bobbin for StrengthSpeed FrameWithin Bobbin CV%, Between Bobbin CV%, Overall CV%, F-Ratio, Mean Sum of Squares
Adhoc Tests ( No Storage )All DepartmentsCount, Count CV%, Strength, Strength CV%, CSP, CCSP
ReportsWrapping Register for all departments, Period Reports for all department, Wheel Change History, Micro Spinning
GraphsX-Bar, CV% for individual tests and Periodic
Manual EntryResults for Evenness Tester, Single Yarn Results, Classimate Faults
0.001 Grams
210 Grams
Electronic Lea
Strength tester
Electrical with auto return
Compact Table Top
+/- 0.25 Lbs
0 – 110 Lbs
0 – 550 lbs/Ethernet