Fibrescan is a simple and reliable system for removal of foreign fibre and white PP contaminants in cotton Blowroom lines.
Fibrescan Pearl 2 is a Multi-Camera Sensor based technology working on the principal of monochormatic light intensity
variation for color detection and spectral imaging.

Multiple miniature camera array sensors interlaced with advanced technology are at the core of FibreScan.

* DIPT (Digital Image Processing Technology),
* PMAC (Pixel Mapping Across Camera Sensors) and
* PABE (Pilot Air Boosted Ejector)

DIPT, PMAC, PABE in combination enhance the effectiveness of
the equipment and provide the best efficiency among this
technology machines in the world.


  • Multi-Camera Sensor one for every 65mm of duct width.
  • DIPT – Digital Image Processing Technology for optimum
    detection of Contaminants.
  • Very low clean cotton ejections typically 0.5% for 50 Ejections / Minute.
  • Hybrid Embedded Controller enhances reliability.
  • Easy to clean and Maintain, No PC Needed.


fiberscan_pearl_ generalarrangement_jun15
Fibrescan Pearl 2

Technical Specifications

DescriptionFibreScan Pearl 2
Sensing TechnologyMultipleTech with Daylight Camera Array Sensing & UV Spectral Imaging and U-Sonic for Reflective Transmittance detection
ProcessingEmbedded Controller with
DIPT – Digital Image Processing Technology
PMAC – Pixel Mapping Across Camera Sensors
PABE – Pilot Air Boosted Ejector
Type and No of CamerasMultiple Camera Array Sensors – 64 Nos MonoChrome
Daylight Camera Array Sensor
UV Spectral Imaging Camera Array Sensor
Resolution2048 * 1 with 128 pixels for each camera
Camera Scanning Speed (LPS)upto 12000 LPS for Camera Sensor Array
White PP DetectionUltra – Sonic Principle (U-Sonic) + UV
Ejection SolenoidUltra Quick PABE Ejector with Sub 7Ms Response for Both on and Off
Production Capacity800 / 1000 Kgs / Hour
Throughput Duct Size1040 * 100 mm
Size of Machine2670 x 1350 x 1000 mm 
No of Ejection Valve26 Nos
Ejection Waste %Below 0.5% – 1% Maximum 50 Ejections / Min
Sensitivity SettingOn Area, Vertical, Horizontal Sizes &
Size Wise Color Selection Settings
DiagnosticsCamera Sensor, Ejection Valve & Lighting Hours, Intensity and U – Sonic  Performance Graphs
Display FeaturesComprehensive for both Camera Array Sensor & UV Camera Array Sensor
Tube Light Nos and Wattage6 Nos (3*2 – 54 watts ) Day light & 12 Nos ( 6 * 2 – 36 Watts ) UV light
Control SystemDedicated Embedded Controller for Camera Array Sensor, UV Spectral Imaging & U-Sonic
Operator InterfaceHMI and Console on Mc and Also Web Interface on remote PC
Power Consumption2 Kw + Fan
Power415 Volts 3 Phase 50 Hz 
Ejected Material CollectionEMCH – Ejected Material Collection Hanger – Optional
Booster Fan for Ejected MaterialBooster Fan based on Feed Mc Specs
Ejected Cotton Grams / Ejection0.5 Grams / Ejection after Fine Cleaner
0.9 Grams / Ejection after Coarse Cleaner 
Compressed Air Requirements3 – 4 CFM based on 50 Ejections / Min @ 6.5 Bar